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In March 2017 members of the Peterborough Safeguarding Board Business Unit took part in a number of community events, as part of the first Peterborough Safeguarding Awareness month, aimed at raising awareness about the work of the Boards and safeguarding in general.

As a result of these activities there was raised awareness of the work of the Boards and safeguarding, how and when to make a referral, and the resources available including training.  Contacts were made across a wide range of community groups and approximately 70 members of the public were spoken to and provided with some level of information.

In March 2018 we are doing another safeguarding awareness month, building on the work completed in 2017 and this time involving both adult and children’s services across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.


Suggested Safeguarding awareness events/activities: 

  • SAB/LSCB members (not just safeguarding leads) clear their diary for a whole day/ part of a day and open their office for ‘drop in sessions’ to talk about safeguarding concerns (what works, what doesn’t etc.) and to find out more about their role on the board
  • LSCB/SAB members to make a statement saying why the safeguarding boards are important, what work is done by the safeguarding oards, why being a member matters and promoting multi-agency working
  • Senior managers to make a statement introducing Safeguarding Awareness month and saying why safeguarding matters to them, their community and service users
  • Add Safeguarding to the agenda at key meetings – discuss resources available (leaflets, presentations, training), ask are we doing enough, share good practice
  • Safeguarding leads and senior managers to add a safeguarding strapline/message to their email signature (examples):
  • Safeguarding – everyone’s business
  • Making Safeguarding Personal – No decision about me, without me
  • Everyone has the right to live free from abuse and neglect
  • Abuse – See it, report it!
  • Our vision is to safeguard and protect all children
  • Keeping children safe together
  • Safeguarding – to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm
  • Safeguarding leads to offer “drop in” sessions
  • Safeguarding leads to offer awareness sessions
  • Safeguarding themed team meetings
  • Offer job shadowing opportunities to partners to help them understand your agency’s role in safeguarding
  • Encourage workers to take up job shadowing across agencies to improve understanding of the roles of others in safeguarding
  • Themed good practice sessions
  • Offer an awareness session to organisations your agency is connected to – volunteer groups, faith groups and service user/carers/family and friend groups
  • Hold an open session for service user/carers/family and friend groups
  • Set up a safeguarding stand in your reception areas, with leaflets, posters and training information
  • Do a team activity such as a safeguarding quiz or a shared learning event
  • Do team role play showing how Making Safeguarding Personal should work
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