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Please be aware that the course will have explicit content which some participants may find distressing. There will be graphic pictures and a frank discussion regarding genitalia and sex abuse

Aim & Learning Outcomes:

For participants at the end of the day:-

  • To be able to recognise the potential signs and indicators of sexual abuse.
  • To be aware of the multi-agency approach behind the investigation of child sex abuse in safeguarding children and young people.
  • To be aware of the services available for reporting, investigating and supporting the victims of child sexual abuse.
  • To have explored the impact of child sexual abuse upon children and young people.

Target Audience

Both Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Practitioners

This is a one day course, only for those professionals (statutory and voluntary) who work with or have regular contact with children and young people and for those who hold particular responsibilities for safeguarding (Groups 2, 3 and 4). This training is primarily from a health perspective and all social care, police and health professionals, with a safeguarding lead, including; General Practitioners, School Nurses, Health Visitors, Social Workers and Child Protection Police Officers are encouraged to attend.

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