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How you can keep you and your friends safe;

Do not talk to strangers
Walk to and from school in groups.
Never accept a ride from strangers.
Do not take gifts from people you do not know.
Tell someone you trust if someone is making you feel uncomfortable.
Report all suspicious behaviour and "new adult friends" to Parents/ Carers.
Never leave home without telling your parents/carers where you are going.
Shout loudly if someone is asking you to do something you are not happy about.
Never take shortcuts. Always stick to routes selected by parents, and stay on main roads.
If you go out with your friends make sure you stay together even if you fall out.

How can you get advice that will help you if you are unhappy?

If you know an adult that you feel you can trust; tell them that you are unhappy and what’s worrying you. They will know what to do and will help you.

Or, If you want to talk to someone that does not know you personally you can contact Childline


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