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Adult at Risk Plan

Where abuse appears to have taken place, or an ongoing risk is identified, an Adult at Risk Plan will be agreed to prevent possible further abuse or to decrease the risk.

The Adult at Risk Plan must

  • Include clear objectives and desired outcomes identified by the person concerned and practitioner leading the enquiry
  • Specify the actions for individuals and agencies that have been identified
  • Ensure that no tasks are assigned to an organisation or agency without confirming they are able and willing to carry out the role
  • Show the required timescales for completion of all actions
  • Include active consideration in consultation with the police and legal services, of the potential use of relevant legislation in cases where abuse has occurred
  • Include consideration of referral to Witness Support Services of any person identified as entitled to ‘special measures’ under the police arrangements described in ‘Achieving Best Evidence’  such as an appropriate adult
  • Include actions that may prevent the alleged perpetrator from abusing, maltreating or neglecting in the future

Include any referrals for consideration under other multi-agency arrangements such as Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC), Multi-Agency public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) etc. Make arrangements for monitoring, support and counselling

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