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Three core training module presentations and Learner Guides with extra information to support the training presentations built around the different needs/roles of Contact Tracing. You do not need to complete all levels; please choose the level that matches your contact tracing role. See level descriptions below in Description of Training Levels.

Description of Training Levels

The training will take different formats dependent on needs, roles and responsibilities, to include:


Who For

Learners Guide Level 1 Covid-19 Contact Tracing the Steps and Details Covid-specific contact tracing training for lead professionals (environmental health officers, CCC specialist contact tracing team.) This includes those who may be acting in a lead role but who have not had recent contact tracing experience
Learners Guide Level 2 Covid-19 Contact Tracing Overview More general training for staff who are likely to support lead professionals to identify contacts and provide support to them for isolation or accessing testing at a local level and within specific settings
Learners Guide Level 3 Covid-19 Contact Tracing National overview Basic introductory awareness training for staff not directly involved in contact tracing but need a basic level of understanding to support their clients/public facing interactions


Individuals will feel confident and capable in providing and/or supporting contact tracing needs, from telephone contact tracing through to possible door knock contact tracing situations dependent on their contact tracing role.

If you would like a PowerPoint version of the training please contact Debbie Woodward, Interim Public Health Trainer at, with your request details.

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