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Aims & Learning Outcomes:

Making Safeguarding Personal, the approach to safeguarding adults described in the Care and Support Statutory Guidance, requires that the lived experience of the adult be considered in all aspects of safeguarding decision making. Evidence from Safeguarding Adults Reviews suggest opportunities to communicate effectively with the adult concerned are still being missed and a full picture of the adults circumstances not achieved.

This is a basic level course and is aimed at those practitioners who work in roles where safeguarding is not a significant part of their role for example, housing officers, PCSO’s, licensing and regulatory services. This is not aimed at those practitioners who deal with safeguarding on a regular basis

The workshops will provide an opportunity for practitioners to:

  • Explore and understand what we mean by the’ lived experience of the adult’
  • Understand what adults tell us they need in a practitioner from local and national research
  • Understand behaviour as a form of communication
  • Explore how to have conversations about consent to further understand the experience and views of the adult
  • Explore resources and tools available to encourage engagement with adults at risk of abuse

Target Audience

This course is suitable for all practitioners who work with adults at risk and their families in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

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