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This multi-agency policy has been compiled by the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Safeguarding Adults Board. Its purpose is to enable all agencies to achieve consistent and robust arrangements for safeguarding people with care and support needs and to implement effective safeguarding plans which minimise risk of harm and adopt a zero tolerance approach to abuse and neglect.

This multi-agency policy and the related procedures and practice guidance are the local adult safeguarding arrangements which all organisations in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough are required to follow. Each agency and organisation operating in the area should develop their own arrangements for safeguarding to complement but not over-ride the multi-agency ones.

This document is compliant with the Care Act 2014 which sets out the legal framework for adult safeguarding based on local authorities existing responsibilities and practice. The Care Act was a major change in practice towards a person centred approach

Print PDF Version October 2017

Messages underpinning good safeguarding practice:

  • Local authorities have a duty to promote individual wellbeing.
  • Making Safeguarding Personal – ensuring that safeguarding work is done with the person concerned and not to the person concerned.
  • The person is asked what they want as the outcome from the safeguarding process and this directly informs what happens.
  • Local authorities must arrange for independent advocacy when it is needed – The advocate’s role is to facilitate the person’s involvement, not merely be consulted about it.
  • The Care Act sets out a duty for partners to cooperate and respond to safeguarding concerns.
  • The Care Act empowers local authorities to make safeguarding enquiries or cause others to make safeguarding enquiries.

Safeguarding is a vital part of our responsibilities. It is more than just adult protection; it is about protecting the safety, independence and wellbeing of people with care and support needs.


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